The Fake Four

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The Fakes

Experimental Alternative Underground

Hard playing, crowd pleasing and fully entertaining, The Fakes offer their own experimental, alternative underground and unorthodox timbre of music.

If experimental, alternative underground and unorthodox is your thing then The Fakes are a band you won't want to miss!


New Studio Material

The Fakes have recently been working hard in the studio. Look out for our newly released Black Apple EP. Recent feedback from our fans suggest this is likely to become a new band anthem and a successful addition to the bands latest live set.

Johnny McGuire - Vocals

Band Member Since 1978

Johnny Upfront

An original band member , Fakes frontman Johnny McGuire provides the band with gritty off the wall lyrics and a powerful vocal style. A showman at heart and with a definite in your face attitude, Johnny always gives it up for the fans. He loves nothing better than being on stage and working the crowd into an all out fever pitch frenzy.

Musical influences

Slade, David Bowie, S.A.H.B, The Slits, Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill, The Sex Pistols, The Rattles, The Ronnettes, and McEwan’s Export ( or a good ale ).
There are only two kinds of music, music you like, and music you don’t.

Likes And Dislikes

I like reading, hill walking with friends (and a carry oot), listening to music. I also like Southern Comfort and Mexican food. I dislike fake people.

Bands Johnny's Played In

  • The Cunts
  • Sk70
  • New Youth
  • Unknown Found Hanged

Live Performance Gear


  • shure sM58

PA System

  • Whatever's available at the gig


  • boss ve-1 vocal

Jimmy McEgg - Bass 

Band Member Since 1978

Jimmy On Learning Bass

Jimmy McEgg started playing bass in the late 70's after giving up on the 6 string guitar. He says "my fingers would'nt go where they were meant too go on the chords and I figured that since a bass only has four strings it would be easier to play".

Bass Guitars

Jimmy's first bass was a white Fender copy. After a while he moved on to a Shaftesbury Rickenbacker copy as he loved the shape.  Up until a few years ago Jimmy's main bass was a 6 string Aria Pro 2 which has now been superceded by his beloved Rickenbacker. 

It's All About That Bass

I had always wanted a real Rickenbacker but at the time, couldn't afford the hefty price tag. After saving hard I finally got my hands on a beautiful cherry red one. I love the Rick more than any girlfriend. It's got a great action and sounds amazing. It's my baby.

Jimmy On Effects Pedals

I didn't use pedals in the early days as I always thought they were for hippies. How wrong was I on that one! I love a pedal or 20. You can never really have enough of them is what I say!

Jimmy's Sound

As my playing skills improved, I realised that I could create my own unique sound. I wanted a sound with a lot of atmosphere and emotional state, where the sounds cross over from warm, soft and flexible to emphatic in expression with ferocious untamed power.

Bands Jimmy's Played In

  • The Cunts
  • Sk70
  • New Youth
  • Mississippi Groovers
  • China Pig
  • Egebamyasi

Live Performance Gear

Bass Guitars

  • rickenbacker 2004
  • aria pro 2 - 6 string bass


  • 200 Watt trace elliott bass combo 1 x 15" bass bin 


  • Boss delay
  • behringer super fuzz
  • pro co rat distortion
  • mxr sub bass
  • electro harmonix clone theory chorus
  • electro harmonix small clone chorus
  • electro harmonix holy grail reverb
  • mxr phase 90
  • boss tuner


  • Tortex dunlop 1.14mm

Guitar Strap

  • Proel

William Baird - Guitar

Band Member Since 2017

William On Music

My love of music began with the Bay City
Rollers. I grew up in a Bay City Rollers household. My mum used to steal clothes off the Bay City Rollers’ washing line. I became a drum & bass DJ when I was 14 and called myself DJ Sinister. 

Playing Guitar

I play bass and guitar. I’ve played for most Edinburgh bands, with most Edinburgh musicians.

Likes And Dislikes

I like smoking, reading, making love and long walks. I like clothes. I hate punk music, punk musicians and punk hairdos. 

Musical Influences

My influences are Northern Soul, The Rolling Stones, T Rex and Bill Hicks. Chaos is a friend of mine.

Bands William’s Played In

  • Babylon Dub Punks
  • Sam Barber and the Outcasts
  • The Groovy Slice
  • Geek Maggot Bingo
  • Opium Kitchen
  • The Trama Dolls
  • Spectorbullets
  • Rose McDowell Band
  • Voicex

Live Performance Gear


  • epiphone les paul Jnr
  • Epiphone Wilshire
  • Mustang


  • Marshall 100W Combo


  • boss rv-6
  • donner tutti chorus
  • boss flanger bf-3
  • boss distortion ds-1
  • behringer super fuzz
  • digitech grunge


  • Jim Dunlop

Lee McPhail - Drums

Band Member Since 2017

Lee On Music

I grew up with big band music, Artie Shaw, Glenn Miller, Duke Ellington and the like along with whatever pop music was on the radio. The Beatles in the 60’s, Slade, T-Rex and Roxy Music in the 70’s and then punk, for the few months it lasted. Wire, Gang
of Four, Magazine and The Pop Group I follow to this day. The Pop Group changed my life, but that’s another story. Always been around music, usually as the sound engineer or manager or buyer of beer and fags.

Playing Drums

I play the drums in The Fakes, self taught. I do what I do, nae fancy stuff. I started drumming late in life, about 12 years ago.

Other Stuff

Also plays drums for Fife’s answer to Half Man Half Biscuit, The Tango Rhums. Broadcast Sound Engineer to trade. Favourite colour is green and likes to walk his dog, Fergus the Westie. Rumour has it that Lee is in fact, an MI5 sleeper - unsubstantiated of course.

Bands Lee's Played In

  • The Tango Rhums
  • Rose McDowell Band

Live Performance Gear

Drum Kit

  • Mapex Snare Drum
  • Sabian  XS 14” Medium Hi Hats
  • Istanbul Alchemy 16” Medium Crash
  • Zildjian 20” Medium Ride
  • Istanbul Alchemy 14” Medium Crash

Drum Sticks

  • Vic Firth American Classic